The Benefits of Juggling

Juggling is a physical skill that involves the manipulation of objects known as props for recreation, art, sport or entertainment. There are quite a variety of props ranging from balls, juggling clubs, rings to more dangerous ones such as knives.

 The choice of the prop is mostly determined by the juggler’s prowess. Beginners should choose lighter and relatively safer props. They should also begin by juggling two items, say juggling balls and consistently add on to the number as their skills become refined. With time, the juggler can spice up the activity by using props such as knives. This creates an undeniable thrill that keeps you both entertained and constantly improving your skills.

Some of the benefits that accrue from juggling include:

  1. Juggling is a rather effective recreational activity since as long as you are juggling, it keeps your mind off all other activities. This is because once you toss the juggling balls, your mind is fully engaged in the activity. Unlike most of the other recreational activities, it’s almost impossible for your mind to drift from the activity.
  2. The juggler’s coordination skills drastically improve as they learn how to juggle. The more juggling balls they engage, the more coordination improves since the aim of the sport is to ensure that the juggling balls remain in the air for the longest time possible. They are therefore coordinated in such a way as to ensure that you have just enough time to catch the ball and toss it just in time to catch the next one.
  3. Juggling is also a fun way to exercise especially the arms and shoulders. Where different weights of juggling balls are involved, it serves a similar function to weightlifting. It’s also an effective way to burn calories much like walking. Additionally, it’s more convenient since it doesn’t require a lot of space to exercise and does not require expensive or complicated equipment since props can be modified from most of what is locally available such as rings. It also does not depend on the prevailing conditions for you to exercise. You, therefore, can exercise from the comfort of your bedroom at any particular time.
  4. Juggling is a great exercise for the brain. It is not only an enjoyable practice but also improves brainpower. With juggling, there is no end to learning. The availability of a variety of props makes this possible. Once you have mastered the art in one prop, you can switch to another prop. You can also work on how fast you toss the props. It leaves no opportunity to become comfortable in your skills. As long as you are still learning, your brainpower improves.
  5. Juggling improves concentration. Successfully juggling balls demands intense focus which can only be achieved through total concentration. Over time, this infiltrates to other areas of our lives say work whereby you are able to concentrate for long hours. As such, it is a good remedy when you can barely concentrate at work. Take a few minutes and practice. It clears your mind and renews focus thus allowing you to give the required attention to your work.
Balls juggling is, therefore, an enjoyable way to spend your recreation time since it not only engages the body, but also the mind. While at it, your brains benefit and this eventually trickles down to other areas of your life such as the home or even the workplace since it greatly improves concentration and relieves stress. The effects are therefore wholesome.