Professional Juggling Balls


67 g 80 mm Russian style juggling balls.

They are third-part filled with sand. The shell is closed with its own material. The juggling balls don’t wobble in the air, and they start each throw from the same hand spot. The big air resistance caused by the big shell makes the balls fall slow, they seem to “hang” in the air on the peak. This gives more time and accuracy to the juggling patterns. In the world of juggling each millisecond counts! There’s more time to think and act. The Russian juggling balls give a good feel to juggle but let the jugglers practice even more than with any other type of juggling ball sets. We can’t say you don’t have to throw accurately; you do have to do. But catching will be much easier. Some people juggle the Russian balls with feet or balance them on the head. These tricks are the easiest with the sand-filled juggling balls.

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Juggling balls for beginners and professionals. The partially-filled juggling balls don’t roll away when dropped. They are the recommended beginner juggling props.

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Weight 67 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm

blue, green, orange, pink, yellow