Custom Weighted Juggling Balls


67 g 80 mm Russian style juggling balls.

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The Mano Russian custom weighted juggling balls are for professional jugglers, who don’t want to use the same weight as others. Tell us in an email after the purchase how heavy balls you think about, and with our high=quality 80 mm big shells we can make your customized balls.

They are the same products as the Russian juggling balls but you can choose the weight so they can be

  • extra light (less than 60 grams)
  • normal, but different (60-100 grams)
  • heavy (more than 100 grams)
  • super heavy (up to 250 grams)

You can choose the tickbox during the order for additional notices, to tell us how heavy juggling balls are the ideal for you. Or we contact you for the details, or you can simply respond the confirmation email with the details and we do our best to make the perfectly weighted juggling balls what fit your style and personality.

Do you want unique personalization? Tell us more about your project. If you want to buy balls with different shells or colors, write us, and we will work out the best! Make sure to contact us first. We want to send you the best quality juggling balls.

As you see, we make the customized juggling balls at the same cost as the normal juggling balls, no extra charge is calculated on the orders. Make it your best juggling ball set!

Additional information

Weight 67 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm

blue, green, orange, pink, yellow