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Super durable juggling balls

Lightweight and durable juggling balls. Juggle everywhere. Try them outdoor and drop them on concrete, play in the sun! Use them every day, they might be scratched but never wear out.

Professional juggling balls

Are you looking for the best juggling balls? Every product is hand-made to the highest standards.

Fast improvement

You can learn to play with 3 in minutes. Circus skills experts say the students go through an outstandingly fast progress. They learn to toss 3 and 4 and they nail advanced tricks with 3 on the first lessons.

High-quality juggling balls

67 g / 80 mm plug free professional juggling balls.

We have been juggling balls for more than twenty years.

Our opinion was asked many times about what kind of juggling balls we recommend and where to buy juggling balls for kids and beginners.

We used every kind, from beanbags through liquid silicone filled orbs to the traditional Russian juggling balls. We tried all sizes and weight. Every type had its advantages and disadvantages. Some outstanding beanbags wore out in a bad way, and the very durable looking rubber shell was too sticky.

We know how to make our own props with rice and balloons. We tried to make our own props for the most of our careers. We can juggle apples and rocks, bananas, bowling pins and juggling clubs and other funny shaped objects. It’s all fun, but why not make tossing objects much easier?

After so many years of searching, after long consultations with pro jugglers and trainers, we made the best professional juggling balls on the market which avoid the unpleasant features.

The Russian style juggling balls were created for beginner and professional jugglers, they are ideal to improve balancing, technical skills and ideal for making great performances.

  • Vivid colors grab the audience’s attention
  • Its quality makes it the perfect choice for stage shows
  • Super fast improvement
  • Clean and stable patterns
  • The props always start from the same position in the hand
  • Identical orbs make the cascade and fountain patterns easier than ever
  •  The juggling balls fall slow thanks to their low weight/size ratio

The Mano products are 100% hand-crafted using the finest quality materials.

Did you know?

The Russian juggling balls were invented in Ukraine by Mikhail Rudenko, the famous juggler, master of the multiplex patterns. The inventor was famous for practicing hard. He had been an inspiration to many fellow jugglers. The semi-filled balls were originally created with sand. Well, some things will never change.

Tossing has never been so much fun

  • relatively big and lightweight Russian juggling balls
  • easy to catch due to the fine grain sand
  • beginners can learn to toss in minutes
  • spectacular large orbs, bright vivid colors
  • their size fits the hands of a child
  • stall tricks, pinball, foot and head catches, etc.

Perfect jugging balls

  • the one-piece plastic shell and the fine sand inside give stability
  • same material closing, plug-free seal – there’s no wobbling and no distraction
  • identical in size and weight due to the precision of the technology
  • the shell is made of soft and still durable plastic what doesn’t break
  • low weight/size ratio (67 g / 80 mm) make them hang up in the air on the peak for a longer time

Pressure control

  • microscopic holes on the shell’s surface open up in case of pressure odds
  • the props always behave the same way
    • on all degrees
    • in all seasons
  • they can travel on the plane, but please don’t put all your stuff on them
  • super dry and very fine grain sand inside as long as you don’t drop them in water
  • a dented shell can be fixed in seconds

The juggling balls are delivered in a strong box

Guarantee on intact products. Door-to-door shipping. This includes all shipping and handling. No parcels are transported for months in sea freight containers.

Quick response and delivery

The parcels are sent on the 1st business day and they are usually delivered within one week.

EU customer? Order 9 juggling balls

We ship with no extra fee to 28 countries of Europe on orders over 50 Euro.

Buy 25 balls and save the shipping costs

USA, Australia, South America, Japan? Order 25 juggling balls and we don't charge you for shipping. Fast and free delivery on orders over 150 Euro.

Custom juggling balls

We are different. We know that different jugglers need different props. We make your custom weighted juggling balls with no extra charge.

Custom juggling balls

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